Claudia Richardson - Chief Scientist and Environmental Project Manager

 Claudia has always been concerned about the environment and has built a profession in environmental restoration by utilizing a unique combination of scientific and management skills. Now with the awareness that South Pacific islands may soon be a lost to the globe as we know it, Claudia is utilizing her talents to document these islands as they are today.

 Claudia brings to RisingTides over a decade in the environmental restoration environmental field providing a wide variety of services and support to the government as a contractor for the US Air Force and the Dept. of the Navy. Her experiences include environmental field sampling, laboratory analysis, writing O&M weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, and remediation project manager for multiple National Priority Listing environmental sites. In her work, Claudia utilized a variety of sophisticated analytical laboratory instrumentation such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.  Claudia provided written analytical reports to laboratory customers, and technical review of laboratory analysis and ensured the adherence to quality control protocols.

Business experience includes planning, programming, budgeting and execution process for the restoration, environmental quality, and Cultural & Natural Resource for multi-million dollar programs for current year and out-year funding.

MBA, Business Administration
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Performance Based Contracting for Environmental Contracts, Environmental Background Analysis, Health & Environmental Risk Communication, Human Health Risk Assessment - Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School (CECOS)
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator and Patient Tender - USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber
Scientific Diver - USC Wrigley Marine Science Center
Divemaster (in training), Rescue Diver, and assorted specialties - PADI
Nonprofit Project Coordinator - Antelope Valley Desert Divers


Brian Basura - Researcher and Dive Safety Officer

Brian brings to RisingTides a unique blend of business & project management, nonprofit organization leadership, and a high degree of technical diving experience.

Brian has a proven track record of successfully managing projects, maintaining compliance, delivering on time, and staying under budget. Brian’s experience across geographically disbursed operations includes developing and managing projects, business analysis, operations, general management and customer and inter-departmental support.  His responsibilities included performing cost/benefit analysis, risk assessments, project status review, managing assets, and implementing standard project methodology for multimillion dollar projects.

Brian is a past President and longstanding board member of the Antelope Valley Desert Divers (a nonprofit organization), he currently donates his time to man the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, and is directly involved with Divers Alert Network (DAN) as one of the top Field Research Coordinators for Project Dive Exploration. Brian is a PADI Divemaster and holds TDI, NAUI, and IANTD Technical Diving Certifications. Brian’s level of training allows him to be actively involved in exploring underwater wrecks and documenting geology which is inaccessible to recreational divers. Brian’s expertise has him called upon to act as a Dive Safety Officer for diving expeditions and activities.

Management Development, Team Building , Project Management, Managing Project Managers - Digital Equipment Corporation
Field Research Coordinator - Divers Alert Network at Duke University
Scientific Diver - USC Wrigley Marine Science Center
Dive Safety Officer - AV Desert Divers, Cordell Expeditions
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator and Patient Tender - USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber
Technical Support Leader, Technical Nitrox Diver, Decompression Techniques, Divemaster - NAUI
Divemaster, Rescue Diver, and assorted specialties - PADI
Advanced Trimix Diver, Trimix Diver, Decompression Procedures Diver - TDI
Technical Diver Supervisor, Trimix Diver, Nitrox Technical Diver - IANTD
O2 Provider - Divers Alert Network


Ross Overstreet - GIS, Mapping, and Imaging Advisor

Image of Ross Overstreet scuba diving with a large purple jellyfish in front of himRoss Overstreet has a Bachelors and Master's Degree Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University.  Ross is currently working as an engineer for FLIR Systems, the Global Leader in Infrared Cameras, where he supports military test ranges, universities, and R&D facilities.  Previous jobs included 5 years at National Instruments where he gained expertise in computer based measurement and automation and 2 years as a Scientist at Boeing where he supervised thermal vacuum testing of space flight hardware.

Ross’ analytical mind and dive enthusiast spirit meshes cohesively into a desire for mapping and imaging underwater topography. The expertise Ross has developed has him sought after for public presentations and scientific endeavors. Ross utilizes public domain data along with commercial Geographic Information System (GIS) software as powerful approach to the problem of understanding local underwater topography. The combination of Ross’ seamanship, mapping, and scuba diving skills allow him to accurately anchor and explore mapped areas to validate the precision of his techniques. 

M.S., Mechanical Engineering - AuburnUniversity
B.S., Mechanical Engineering - AuburnUniversity
Research Diver - Cordell Expeditions
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator and Patient Tender - USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber
Certified Diver - PADI
Small Boat Captain
Licensed Private Pilot (Singe Engine Land)

Ham Radio Operator - KF4ZEG


Scott Fischler - Public Relations Advisor

Scott is a Business Development Consultant specializing in emerging and enabling technologies, with expertise in the Media, IT, Telecommunications, and Entertainment industries.

As Rising Tides' Media Advisor, Scott provides deep knowledge and steady guidance in our continued quest for novel and alternative energy production, demand reduction and conservation methodologies and technologies, as well as for waste-energy harvesting and reclamation methodologies and technologies.

The challenging nature of Rising Tides' 2010 expedition mandates strict adherence to an energy/resource principle of "Produce, Reduce, Reclaim."

Scott's guidance assists us with maintaining a highly-energy efficient and predominantly self-sufficient operation with neutral or positive impact to the environment resulting from our research activities.

Scott has spent much of his last twenty-five years working with Fortune 500 companies, and currently serves as a federal appointee of the U.S. Department of Commerce/U.S. Commercial Service as a regional advisor on exporting renewable energy technologies.

Scott vigorously promotes the petroleum reduction objectives of the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program, having recently served as a Regional Coordinator for that federal program.

Networked across a broad spectrum of companies, as well as governmental, educational and private institutions, Scott's diverse background, insight and deeply-rooted concern for our planet's habitability significantly enhances Rising Tides mission.


Elizabeth Overstreet - Engineering Advisor

Beth is a Certified California Professional Engineer with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and a proven track record of successful projects requiring structural analysis, project design, and compliance control. Beth has evaluated seismic design criteria utilizing sophisticated structural analysis software, prepared advance planning studies, participated in project development teams, and provided real-time responses during build design challenges. Beth also utilizes her people skills as a liaison between private, state, and federal government entities and in personnel supervision.

Beth is an avid open-water swimmer and enjoys the ocean environment. This along with her goal achieving qualities, and people person orientation, brings a unique combination of assets to the organization.  Beth’s great attention to detail, her ability to keep project specification within compliance, and her engineering skills are vital to defining and designing RisingTides expedition requirements.

Professional Engineer (PE) - State of California

M.S., Civil Engineering - Auburn University
B.S., Civil Engineering - Auburn University
Masters Swimmer, Executive Board Member - Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers

Engineering and Construction CampMentor - Society of American Military Engineers/USN
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator and Patient Tender - USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber

Triathalete - Lavaman

Certified Diver - PADI

Toastmaster (in training)



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