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Our goals have been further defined.   A large part of what we do is to spread the message of

"Think Globally and Act Locally."

As we travel we set a positive example by being eco-sensitive. Examples are:

  • Picking up trash on shore and in the water
  • Discourging handling of marine life
  • Preventing reef damage from inadvertent contact

We also speak with individuals, groups, and others promoting the protection, preservation, and improvement of their local environment.


Ocean Floater

RisingTides has been investigating the construction and subsequent launch of a low cost, low power, ocean floater bouy. This will provide data on ocean currents in locations of interest such as the North Pacific Gyer which is also known as the Great Pacific Trash Patch. The non-commercial, non-government sponsered research is exploding within the Maker and amateur communities worldwide. This is due to the advacements and reductions in cost of sophisticated electronics available to the general public and advancements in opensource software capable of decoding incredibly weak signals.

Pico Balloon

RisingTides is in contact with a STEM Teacher working to engage their students in electronics, amateur radio, and real world applications. PicoBallons launched and tracked as they potentially circumnavigate the earth could be a great teaching tool for them and are closely related to RisingTides work on launching an Ocean Floater. At this point we are gathering a small amount of materials and working out the fesiability of working with students starting with the next school term.



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